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Liquid chemical
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The completely corrosion resistant liquid contact parts come in a wide variety of types for use with a wide range of liquids.
Standard units can handle viscosities up to 300 mPa_ s. High-viscosity specification units can handle up to 2, 000 mPa_ s.
For slurry liquids, for example, up to a 10% concentration of slacked lime can be handled.
The compact design features less parts, and maintenance and inspection is easy.
Hose connections and flange connections are also possible.
The small capacity pump ( Models CR-1N to CR-3N) uses a planetary gear two-stage reduction mechanism, and medium- and large-capacity pumps of 200W or more use a worm gear reduction mechanism to provide long-term worry-free continuous operation.
The discharge volume can be manually adjusted regardless of whether the pump is running or stopped.
Chlorine disinfecting ( sodium hypochlorite metering) , waste water treatment equipment and chemical metering, water treatment equipment and chemical metering, food additives, coloring, preservative metering, boiler water treatment agent metering, slime control agents for paper production, etc., anti-foaming agents, dye metering, liquid fertilizer metering in plant growing facilities, metering and transport for various plant applications, laboratories and test plants, etc. 
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