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SHOWA MEASURING INSTRUMENT ( Strain gage, Transducer)
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We are distributor and agent of SHOWA MEASURING INSTRUMENT  Japan. We sell high precision sensor, transducers and accessories :
- Foil strain gauges and accessories ( terminals cement) ,
- Load cell ( High Precision) ,
- Pressure transducer ( High precision)
- Torque transducer
- Force transducer
- Displacement transducer
- Vibration instrument.

Yielding type. For measurement of large strains ranging to plastic sphere. dDesigned not to cause stress concentration at the point where leads are soldered
For crack analysis. Gauge crack analysis are arranged in parallel. Gauge resistance increases in the form of stairs when a crack takes place somewhere within the grids
For crack propagation detection. With the lengthy grid of this gauge, cracks propagating extensively can be sensed.
For application to internal surface of pipes or threaded holes where gauges are difficult to install. The test object is perforated for installation of this gauge inside. Note however that application is considerably critical as the gauge is likely to be damaged when installed or its performance is affected by air bubbles introduced during installation.
Waterproof moulded type strain gauge. Vinyl cable ( 2 parallel wires of 1 mm. In external dia., resp.) is being connected with strain gage and the gauge is moulded with special epoxy resins. No special protectuiion for waterproofing is necessary after its having been installed on the test object. This feature can be applied to all versions in Nxx-FA Series of gauge length from 2 mm to 10 mm, except N34, N35 and N51.

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